Brushette has established a joint-venture with the leading toothbrush manufacturer of Guangdong province.

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Located in the city of the future, the factory is specialized in producing oral care products. The Brushette technology is also a result of  inspiration in Shenzhen, when wandering in wholesale kiosks of Huaqiangbei's malls, where tech entrepreneurs, hackers and makers gather and where innovation is driven. It’s called “the Silicon Valley of Hardware” and is the only hardware accelerator of its kind in the world.


Shenzhen factory, where Brushette is manufactured is a 10-year experienced manufacturer of toothbrush heads, electric toothbrushes and related accessories in China. The factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters and is manned by over 300 employees. It has 74 machines, total fixed assets 7,500,000 dollars, as well as the only anchorless tufting machine in China.

Concerning the R&D capacities of the factory, it follows all the international standards for mass production and stands out with its high-quality products. The company's certificates include ISO9001, FCC, CE, RoHS for the design, development and production of electric toothbrushes.


Brushette production process includes 5 main steps:

  1. Plastic injection
    During this stage, ABS or POM plastic, which serves as raw material for Brushette neck adapters is injected in the shape designed beforehand.
  2. Implanting the bristles
    Made of DuPont™ Tynex® filament, Brushette bristles are being inserted into the plastic heads. Due to a special push button, the bristle part together with the head can then be easily removed and replaced by the user.
  3. Cutting the bristles
  4. Assembling
    All the separate parts of the neck adapter and the bristle are put together during this step.
  5. Packing
    Our brush heads are sealed in food-grade nitrogen sanitized packets that keep them fresh from factory creation, to bathroom unwrapping.


Quality Control:
We highly appreciate your health! That’s why after each step, our specialists conduct a separate quality control in order to approve that everything has been done correctly and works properly. Every single thing about our products is important to us, as one of our goals is to provide 100% satisfaction with Brushette®.

Utilizing human and robotics control throughout the entire manufacturing process we inspect all PE, POM, and PP raw material with SGS laboratory inspection and several product inspection checkpoints. With QC/QA from TÜV laboratories we report every step of our process to comply with the ISO9001:2015 latest specifications.

Proceeding from our policy of eco-friendliness, we have completely excluded animal testing from our production process, so all of our products are vegan.