The sterile packets are not recyclable yet, because it is not possible to use recyclable and ultra-hygienic materials at the same time. Our brush heads are sealed in high-quality food-grade nitrogen sterile packets that keep them fresh from the point it’s created in a factory up to your bathroom unwrapping.

We have tried to maintain a proper balance between recyclable items while keeping your health at its best. Thus far there is no standard for having sanitized or sterilized toothbrush off the shelf and we find it gross. If only you knew how many sets of hands touched your bristles before being packaged in those traditional blister packaging…

So, the only way to package the bristles in a bacteria-free environment doesn’t allow using recyclable materials like paper where nitrogen would flow out from.

We have already launched our recycling program for brushettes, which allows to recycle the brush bristles instead of throwing them away. At the same time we are working on developing eco-friendly packaging. Very soon we will introduce the recycling program which will allow you to ship the packets back to us together with the used brushettes so we can sort them out for recycling.