Depending on in which stage of oral hygiene you are, you can choose different products from our catalogue.

1. People who still use a manual toothbrush.


It is always a great idea to switch to an electric toothbrush to make use of its benefits such as more detailed cleaning, having a good breath and a number of other reasons. If you have decided to do so, we suggest you purchasing a Hygiene Kickstart Bundle. It includes 

  • 6 brushettes with different functions (2 Cleanettes™ for basic cleaning, 2 Deliquettes™ for softer cleaning, 1 Complette™ for complete action and 1 Gumette™ for sensitive cleaning),
  • Oral-B® and Prodental™ compatible neck adapter,
  • Antibacterial Holdette for holding brushettes,
  • Prodental™ RB100 Battery Toothbrush available in 2 colors: pink and blue

So, that’s exactly what you need to start your advanced oral hygiene from the very beginning!


2. People who have an Oral-B® Braun electric toothbrush


The second category are those who have an Oral-B® Braun electric toothbrush and want to switch to a more hygienic, eco-friendly and more economic option and use brushettes (Read why you should do that). The perfect option is to purchase a Starter Kit, which includes an Oral-B® compatible neck adapter and 2 brushettes: Cleanette for basic cleaning and Deliquette for softer cleaning.


3. People who have already joined Brushette family and have a Brushette neck adapter.


All that is left to do is to subscribe  and get your monthly refills. They will arrive automatically with the quantity and frequency you choose, so you don’t need to worry that you might forget to order them.