Many dentists and oral hygiene professionals including American Dental Association recommend changing your brush head at least every three months. The reason for changing your brush heads frequently is that bristles lose their effectiveness with time as fungi and bacteria develop on them. Besides, you need to take into account that you have to change your brush head in special situations, for example, immediately after recovering from colds, a sore throat, flu, or coughs. And you should change it also in case your toothbrush was kept near someone’s toothbrush who was sick recently.

So, the more frequently you change your brush heads, the better! No need to fall into the other extreme and change your brush head every day. The most convenient option is to change them every month. In this case the bacteria won’t manage to build up in the bristles and you will continue to feel fresh after each time brushing your teeth. 


The main reasons, which restricts people to changing their toothbrush every month are the expensive cost and laziness. Using Brushette, you will save money as changing the brush bristle costs x10 cheaper than changing the whole brush head. Each brushette cost only $1 if choosing the subscription option. And no matter how forgetful or lazy you are! You will get your subscription box every month automatically when subscribing.