temporary_images_cover_3_590xIf you haven't got an electric or battery toothbrush yet, you can purchase it right from our store. We have developed a special bundle for those, who are just getting started with advanced oral hygiene. The Electric Box One, which includes an Oral-B® Braun Advanced Power battery toothbrush, a Brushette® neck adapter (compatible with Oral-B® and Prodental® powered toothbrushes) and 4 kinds of brushettes with different functions can be purchased from our US store and Europe store.


Alternatively, we also offer the option to purchase the latest compatible brushes by Prodental® and Oral-B® on our US and European stores.

We’re always looking to expand the products we offer for different toothbrush models.

If you're using another toothbrush than Oral-B and Prodental, please contact us sending us an e-mail, submitting a ticket or contacting us via Facebook or Instagram with details of the brush you use so we can let you know when a model will be available.