At least, your adapter can freely breathe!

Analysing our customer reviews, we have found out this rare issue when vibrating effect makes the neck adapter slide off the toothbrush body. So, we have identified the following actions:

Cause: The issue is known with the aging of some electric toothbrushes. Indeed the metal pin material of some of the Oral-B electric toothbrushes is made with different grade of stainless steel depending on the manufacturer which will have different resistance to friction. After several years of use it will happen that the pin will lose a few microns and will let neck adapters sit loose. 

Solution: The Brushette neck inner shaft needs to have a flexible piece that will give some tolerance to the toothbrush pin thickness. With a dent in the bottom portion of the inner shaft we will solve the issue of thinner (used) pin.

Timing: The mold describing the solution above has already been engineered and tested. We are good to go on the next mass production batch. We plan to enter manufacturing imminently in June 2019 and to release them 2-3 months later.

Intermediary solution: Howdy! We don’t have much to propose at the moment. Proposing you an interim toothbrush to be able to use Brushette is an unfair possibility but it exists, so just let us know: submit a ticket on this issue and you will be enrolled in our “Old Toothbrush Need a Rock Start Neck” list for 2 free necks as soon as they’re out!