Sharing is caring, but this is not the case!

For obvious hygiene reasons, it is not recommended to share your neck adapter and/or electric toothbrush with other people, even if they are family members. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t share your neck adapter or your toothbrush with others:

  • If your gums bleed when brushed, blood-borne infections, bacteria and disease can transfer to the brush head. If you then use that brush, you become exposed to that illness and transferring it straight into your body and bloodstream. 
  • If the toothbrush owner has periodontal (gum) disease, then you might get it if you share!
  • The neck adapter and the toothbrush can easily transfer herpes simplex type 1 (cold sores).
  • Streptococcus mutans or the flesh-eating bacteria can reside on a brush too! They are a reason for tooth decay and MRSA infections.
  • Candida fungus also feels very comfortable on your toothbrush and brush bristles! It causes yeast infections and diaper rash.


After all, if you are in an emergency and have to share your toothbrush or the brush head, at least rinse it with boiling water first or an antiseptic, if possible,to kill off any possible germs.