The Brushette® neck adapter has been designed so that water can flow inside to remove daily impurities and deposits that are regularly found on the brushes of other brands.

We know that some people put their toothbrush in the dishwasher. We don't recommend doing so with the bristles because of the microorganisms that stick to it. Nylon is a material known to retain particles.

Now with Brushette you can actually put the neck adapter alone in the dishwasher without bristles. Indeed don't forget that your new brushettes come individually wrapped in a sanitized packaging ensuring you have a germ-free brushing experience every time.

We recommend that you ALWAYS detach the head from the toothbrush handle to give it a rinse otherwise that area can really get nasty overtime.

If you don't rinse your neck after every use it will dysfunction! The toothpaste and saliva residual will create a thick (and disgusting) paste which will prevent the mechanism to snap on and off correctly inside the neck.