The wires and brackets create extra spaces for plaque to form. It's very important to clean it properly, otherwiseit can be dangerous not only for your teeth, but for your braces as well.

If you enjoy brushing with an electric toothbrush, then there is no reason not to use Brushette regardless whether you have braces or not. Studies from the American Journal of Orthodontics have shown that electric toothbrush promotes better oral hygiene for people wearing braces. There is not really use case where electric toothbrush are less effective than manual brushes.

bracette-brushette-oral-b-compatible-1_05a065cf-90ee-4d99-b743-c41164767c06_590xBesides, Brushette has taken care of people who are wearing braces.

Bracette™ has been designed specifically for people wearing braces. This brushette's tufts are more spaced out and asymmetrical to clean the braces from insides out. It is specially designed to offer deep cleaning of teeth, braces, as well as rings.

So, it's a great tool for you to maintain good oral health while you have braces.


If you don't want to have difficulties in the form of spots or plaque and get more tips about using an electric toothbrush when having braces, you can read more about how to sustain excellent oral hygiene habits in our blogette.